ObamaPhone Lady “Obama Misled Us” {VIDEO}

ObamaPhone Lady “Obama Misled Us”. Michelle Dowry, who was labeled the ” ObamaPhone Lady ” and was featured in the video below that went viral on the Internet prior to the presidential election, now says she is not happy with President Obama.

She was a protester outside of the Romney election rally that was held in Cleveland, Ohio. The ObamaPhone lady was explaining to the film maker on how President Obama gives all minorities free phones and thats why everybody should vote for him and not Mitt Romney.

the ObamaPhone lady was flown to Austin, Texas for an interview on why she changed her mind about President Obama. She explained, “One video was about me and my new job and my taxes and how much taxes they took out for me and he said he would not do that. So there is President Obama, saying he is going to do something and he did the other.”

the interviewer discussed past video clips of President Obama saying not only is he a second amendment supporter, but that no taxes of any kind would be raised on those making under $250,000 a year. The ObamaPhone lady went on to say how PresIdent Obama did not do what he said he was going to do for their neighborhood and help them. She said after five years now nothing has changed and her and her husband, and they are still in the same situation as they were before. Democrats like Obama had cheated and conned the black community for decades, according to the ObamaPhone lady.