Tony Romo and Jason Witten Admit to Homosexual Romance

tony-romo-and-jason-wittenTony Romo and Jason Witten Admit to Homosexual Romance. I knew the Cowboys sucked, but this story takes their sucking to a whole new level. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and receiver Jason Witten have finally admitted to having a intimate relationship with each other for the past several years. This is coming out after the duo had been called out by former Cowboy Terrell Owens. The two said that with the new found acceptance of being gay in society they had no reason not to come out.

“Jason and I both felt like the time to come clean was now. With the all the acceptance of being gay now we had no reason not to. We are in love and no one can take that away from us. Since day one we felt something special between us and that eventually led to us having a relationship for several years now.” Romo said this as he was hand in hand with Jason Witten right next to him. Romo’s wife Candice Romo was asked for her input on the situation and she had this to say, “I’m upset to say the least. I knew they were very close but I didn’t expect them to be actually together. I love Tony and we have a family but this clearly changes everything. I am unsure what is next for our marriage and what Tony plans to do but I will raise my daughter and I hope he will continue to be a father to our child. But I do hope the best for him in what he chooses to do with himself. I still love him with all my heart.”

article-2137479-12CEE83C000005DC-812_634x790Hopefully the two of them will be able to work through this new development in Tony’s life. I’m sure that he will still play a big role in his daughter’s life. None of the Cowboy players or staff could comment on the story. I wonder if this will change the player dynamics on the team in the next season. Only time will tell. CLICK HERE —> TO LIKE DAILY BUZZ LIVE ON FACEBOOK!

Eric Roberts