VIDEO-Man Eats Pasta Off Subway Floor

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.32.05 PMVIDEO-Man Eats Pasta Off Subway Floor. Ad campaigns can sometimes go a little too far, but this video from the Bissell Vacuum Company proved that their employees really stand behind their products. One of the brand managers for Bissell Canada put not only the vacuum to the test, but also his stomach.

Ravi Dalchand put on quite a show when he decided to go to a Toronto subway to prove how good his brand’s vacuum cleaner was. In the video he man eats pasta off subway florrvacuums a patch of the floor in the subway and proceeds to dump pasta on the “clean” square. He then pulls out a fork and starts eating it off the ground, even using a piece of bread to sop up the sauce left over on the floor.

Onlookers seem more disgusted than anything. You can hear them in their disgust in the background. I’m not sure if this stunt really proved that the vacuum works as well as Dalchand says it does. I think it more shows how ballsy this guy is to sell vacuums. Either way he seems like he really believes in his product. I’m sure that floor is still dirty as hell though, but believing is believing I guess, “I 100 percent stand by this product,” Dalchand says in the video. Check it out below:

Eric Roberts