Vodka Tampons… Yes, Vodka Tampons

Vodka Tampons… Yes, Vodka Tampons.

The use of vodka soaked tampons inserted vaginally or anal insertion to get drunk faster and without having booze on your breath is known as “slimming.”

The rumor website concluded it was false, but a report by KPHO Phoenix included interviews with a police officer and Dr. who said they had witnessed cases of it .

The KPHO report echoed far and wide through the global media, including The Colbert Report. This made many young people try it, leading to a self creating trend. Some of them have posted videos on YouTube.

images“It burns!” is a phrase many of the videos share. “Back side” insertion is an alternative, even a recommended option, according to news reports.

People in the YouTube videos and commenter’s on the video prefer this method. In the KPHO report, Officer Chris Thomas noted, “This is definitely not just girls. Guys will also use it and they will insert it into the rectum.”