Did This Note From A Teacher To Her Student Go Too Far?

Did This Note From A Teacher To Her Student Go Too Far? Some Parents Say YES!

One frustrated mom’s note about her young son’s overly strict assignment check has gone viral. Many parents are arguing that teachers these days are going just a little too far.

This angry mom, Lori Garcia, originally posted her letter on Babble.com after opening her son’s homework folder. She was shocked when she came face-to-face with a heavily marked grading sheet for her son’s reading long that read: “WARNING. Incomplete parent signature.”

The teachers note, written with a bright orange marker, was written all the way across the page, completely disregarding the logged minutes of reading her son had done every day that week.

According to Garcia, her second grader had completed every bit of his homework. She simply forgot to sign the bottom of the page. “I get it. I get that my son’s teacher wants parents invested in checking off the completion of every assignment,” the mom wrote in her note. “I get that she wants parents to know what’s going on, but I’d like to believe this truth is evident by the quality of the work he turns in – by nicely written penmanship, by his carefully written name scrolled across every worksheet, and by the parent completed reading log.”

In the end, Garcia said she was mostly upset by the bold “incomplete” grade that made her son feel like he had done something wrong. Her question to fellow parents was not about whether or not her son did enough work, but more about how the teacher could have handled the note better.

After taking to Facebook, the mom was relieved to discover that most parents felt the same way, suggesting that the teacher should have used a small sticky note that of making her son feel bad.

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