Kid’s Reaction To Meeting Gay Couple is Priceless

Kid’s Reaction To Meeting Gay Couple is Priceless.

Sometimes we forget that kids have very innocent minds and that our minds are jaded and judgmental from years of society telling us what’s right and what’s wrong.

The fact is that we can learn a lot for children and their innocent behaviors. The kid in this video has never met a married gay couple before or probably any gay couple for that matter, but he responds in a very amazing and understanding way even though he was a little surprised at first.

After the little boy showed his surprise to what he had just figured out, all he had left were questions. Most people already know what society or religious entities tell them about gay marriage so the questions that they might have are superseded by their own understanding of what right or wrong is.

This is sad because if they already think that gay marriage is an abomination then they won’t ever come to a positive conclusion like this little boy did. They will be stuck in their one track mind and won’t have the opportunity to think outside the box.

The little boy first tries to wrap his head around the concept of two men being married asking, “Your husband’s a boy? A wife is a girl and a husbands a boy. They you two are husbands?”

Once he figures that much out he then finds it funny because he has only seen boys and girls married. Afterwards he comes to the amazing conclusion of, “So, that means you love each other.” Simple words, but coming from someone so young it seems very profound.

As adults we must try and ask ourselves every day if our ideas of other people are our own real ideas or if they are just something that we have been told over and over again our whole lives, therefore become our reality.


We should try to not become hardened or programed by the world, but try to still form our own opinions based on love and kindness towards one another. Only then can new ideas form in our minds, ideas of understanding and compassion.

I mean who wouldn’t want to live in a whole that was more peaceful and understanding? Watch the video below:



Eric Roberts