Kurt Sutter Announces Plans For ‘Son’s Of Anarchy’ Movie Starring Charlie Hunnam And Brad Pitt

Kurt Sutter Announces Plans For ‘Son’s Of Anarchy’ Movie Starring Charlie Hunnam And Brad Pitt.

Kurt Sutter, creator of the hit FX drama Sons of Anarchy, has announced plans to turn the popular television series into a major motion picture.

Sutter, who was also a writer, producer, and director of the series, said in an interview with Hollywood Today magazine that he has long contemplated taking SOA to the big screen following its run on television. “People absolutely love the show, as I did, and I have put a lot of thought into the matter, and we are going forward with turning it into a feature film,” Sutter said.

Sons of Anarchy ran for seven seasons on FX, from 2008 – 2014, and in the process built a huge following. Sutter said the film will star Charlie Hunnam, who played the lead character Jax teller, as well as Ryan Hurst who played Opie Winston, and Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller. The film, which is a prequel to the storyline of Sons will also introduce fans to Jax father, John, who we be played by Brad Pitt.



 “I’m most excited about bringing Brad Pitt on as John Teller, is absolutely perfect for the role. The movie will take place from the day Jax was born, and leads up to the era just before Sons of Anarchy began as a series.”

Sutter also said he is really happy to bring Ryan Hurst back as Opie Winston, and hopes fans will forgive him for killing Opie off. “Man I tell you, when we killed Opie off, it was like the thing turned real. I’ve never gone public with this, but I’ve had people get really crazy when they see me in public,” said Sutter. “They shouted me, and they get angry – ‘You shouldn’t have killed Opie! I hope you rot in hell’, that sort of thing. I had people try to run me off the road when they recognized me, although that just might be because I’m kind of a dangerous driver. Anyway, my hope is that this film will help them cope.”

Sutter says pre-production on film will begin in the middle of 2015, and will begin shooting sometime in the fall. “For a movie of this scope, with this much storyline attached, you should expect to see the film by the end of 2016,” said Sutter. “In the meantime, by all the official Sons of Anarchy merchandise you can. Every dollar goes to help get this movie get completed. Brad Pitt isn’t cheap, you know.”



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