UFO Lands In China – What The US Government Doesn’t Want You To See

UFO Lands In China – What The US Government Doesn’t Want You To See. This rare, never before seen footage, has finally made its way to the United States.

In June, 2013, a family in China was traveling when they spotted a UFO in the sky. Their curiosity drove them to get out of the car and run towards the area where the craft had landed. They caught on video what they saw, and is truly amazing.

This is the type of video that the United States Government is trying to keep a secret. China has also tried its best to keep this information under wraps, until a UFO landing that happened earlier this year caught national media attention.

According to the news report, villages in the province of Heilonjiang, China reported seeing strange objects falling from the sky. The objects came crashing to the ground after “villagers heard… a huge piercing sound, and then some villagers saw a big fireball.”

The objects were described as being about 2-and-a half-feet wide and weighing around 90 pounds. The silver-gray objects also had jagged edges and burn marks.

This video, however, shows more than just their aircraft. It shows one of the occupants of the aircraft emerging from underneath the UFO. What do you think? Do you believe in aliens? Check out the video below:



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