2 Moons Spotted In Several Locations Around The World During Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

If you were able to watch the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Jan 8, it was a spectacular sight.

But for some viewers in certain parts of the world, they received an extra special viewing that only comes once every 3,452 years.

Stargazers in Asia, Australia, and parts of South America were able to observe what looked to be “two moons” as the moon became completely immersed in the penumbral cone of the earth.

The occurrence happened thanks to “Reflective Space Plasmas.”¬† Although outer-space is a vacuum, it is permeated with the plasma of the solar wind. This interacts with the sun’s magnetic field, producing the heliospheric¬†current sheet which allows it to react as a “reflector” to the stars.

Approximately every 3,500 years, it lines up perfectly with the moon and emits a reflection giving us the appearance of two moons. If you are not able to see it last night you can check it out in the photos below!

2 moons


Two Moons

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