Over 200 Kids Hospitalized For ‘Pot Poisoning’ From Marijuana Laced Halloween Candy

Over 200 Kids Hospitalized For ‘Pot Poisoning’ From Marijuana Laced Halloween Candy, And the toll is rising.

Fears that trick-or-treaters may fall victim to marijuana laced candy on Halloween night came true as hundreds of children under the age of 7 were admitted to the ER’s in Colorado late Friday night through Sunday morning.

Colorado authorities issued warnings to parents prior to Halloween night to be on alert for marijuana candies, due to the fact they are virtually identical to the candies sold in grocery stores.

Some marijuana edible distributors go as far as injecting store bought candies with marijuana oil and sell them in their shops, said the report. This makes it almost impossible to tell the difference between regular candy and medical marijuana edibles.

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado, stores report that 40% of their sales are edibles.

Apparently, generous medical marijuana consumers in Colorado smoked a bit too much of the green herb, unable to distinguish the difference between their store bought candies and their ‘pain medicine’.

This error sent hundreds of innocent children to the hospital for what doctors call “accidental pot poisoning”.

“Several Emergency Room workers throughout the state of Colorado reported their ER’s full to capacity,” said Officer Tom Greenwich. “They reported that children under the age of 7 were brought into their facilities laughing and crying simultaneously … They were falling to the ground, unable to walk.”

Police warn that parents should throw away their children’s Halloween candy immediately. It is expected they will continue to see hospital admissions for ‘pot poisoning’ throughout the coming week.

images (2)Thankfully, doctors at these facilities say that no children died due to the exposure to these medical marijuana edibles. The only negative outcomes to this ordeal were the hysterical parents and children with extremely huge appetites.

Hospital cafeteria workers say they picked up a couple hours of overtime this weekend feeding the little patients as they recovered from a weekend they will more than likely “never remember”.



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