3 Out Of Every 4 Gas Pumps Are Rigged To Cheat The Consumer

3 Out Of Every 4 Gas Pumps Are Rigged To Cheat The Consumer.

A recent investigation by the Department of Agriculture has shown that gas stations are cheating drivers out of the full amount of gasoline they are paying for.

As if gas prices aren’t high enough, apparently multibillion-dollar oil corporations feel the need to dig a little deeper to rip off the American consumer.

They found that the meters on the gas pumps have been illegally set to begin running several seconds prior to the gas actually coming out of the nozzle. They have found the average consumer is charged an additional $.12 due to that delay.

But that’s not the biggest hit. In their investigation they found that the meters are not calibrated to deliver the correct amount of gas.

What this means to you; if the pump says it delivered to you 12 gallons of gas, they have found the true amount on average is 10.5 gallons of gas being pumped to you. This is 1.5 gallons of gas they are charging you for, that you did not receive. And at $4.00, on average, per gallon, that’s a BIG DEAL!

That equals an additional $6.00 at the pump that is taken from the consumer for every 10 gallons of gas purchased.

There is approximately 388 million gallons of gas pumped in America each and every day. If the average consumer is being robbed $6.00 for every 10 gallons of gas they pump, those numbers are staggering.

That produces over $6 million in unearned profits to the oil companies every day in the United States. Authorities ask that you keep an eye on the meter as you are pumping gas. If you notice a gas pump whose meter begins to run BEFORE the gas comes out of the nozzle, please report it to authorities.

622x350Also, pay attention to your gas tank. If you have a 15 gallon gas tank, and you are on empty, and your car receives 16 gallons of gas there is something wrong! You’re being asked to report these pumps so they can be calibrated correctly.
Do not let big oil take any more money out of your pocket than they already are.



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