76 Year Old Woman Kicked Out Of KFC For Breastfeeding Her 42 Year Old Son

76 Year Old Woman Kicked Out Of KFC For Breastfeeding Her 42 Year Old Son

A 76 year old woman has created much controversy last week, by breast-feeding her 42-year-old son in the middle of a KFC restaurant.

Many customers in the restaurant complained about the incident to management. Linda Berrety and her son Michael, were finally escorted out by the restaurant management.

But not before he fed on her for nearly 15 minutes.

The unusual episode has sparked strong reactions on social media and provoked a huge debate on the limits of breast-feeding in public places.

Many of people that witnessed the incident say it seemed to be more of a incestuous engagement, rather than a gesture of maternal care.

 “What in God’s name was that?” said Ali Belfouz, a patron at the restaurant. “I have nothing against breast-feeding, but that was pure nonsense. You have to be insane to breast-feed your child at that age. They should have been arrested for gross indecency rather than getting kicked out.”

But Mrs. Berrety has a different opinion. “It’s my right as a mother to breast-feed my child,” says Mrs. Berrety. “If people don’t agree with the way I raise my son, that’s their problem. I have raised a great man, beautiful, tall, who still lives in stays with me. I think I’ve done a great job as a mother and don’t appreciate getting insulted and expelled just because I decided to breast-feed my child a little longer than other mothers.”

KFC management said that Mrs. Berrety is no longer welcome in their establishment with her son Michael.

Mrs. Berrety Is claiming discrimination.

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