Colorado KFC’s Closed And Replaced With Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries

Colorado KFC’s Closed And Replaced With Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries.

Since Colorado Amendment 64 was passed on November 6, 2012 there has been a lot of growth in the medical marijuana industry in that state.

The first stores officially opened January 1, 2014.  Now, there are approximately 539 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Colorado.

That number continues to grow in part by a decision made by KFC franchise owners in the state.

Out of the nearly 100 KFC restaurants in the state of Colorado, 87 of them have closed their doors in 2014 finding it more beneficial to sell medical marijuana, than fried chicken.

 “On a yearly average, my KFC franchise makes around $92,000,” said KFC franchise owner Howard Smith. “Here in Colorado, marijuana dispensaries can easily make over $250,000. As a matter of fact, 15% of the dispensaries here make over $1 million per year. I would have to be a fool to keep selling chicken.”

Unfortunately, closing these KFC’s have left people, who are hooked on the original recipe, to find their chicken elsewhere – and it’s been causing quite a problem.

According to Colorado Public Health and Environment, hospitals and clinics are seeing an increase in food poisoning due to secondhand sales of the KFC product on street corners and back alleys.

Hustlers, out to make a buck, are traveling great distances to purchase the chicken, and bring it back to the neighborhoods where it used to be sold.

 “These peeps are hooked on KFC, and i’ma get hood rich,” said a man that goes by the name of Greezy Slick. “These n*ggas be cravin’ the grease, now Greezy Slick gonna provide.”

Police say they will not tolerate any black market chicken sales in the state of Colorado. They will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for the sale or distribution with the intent to sell, of KFC.



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