Dentist Assaults And Chokes 6 Year Old Girl While Mom Is Told To Sit In The Waiting Room

Dentist Assaults And Chokes 6 Year Old Girl While Mom Is Told To Sit In The Waiting Room.

As I was looking through Facebook today, I noticed one of my friends shared a post from Brandi Fagg’s Facebook page.

As I saw the photos, and read her complaint, I was absolutely taken back!

I thought it was important to share her story and raise awareness for parents taking their young children to the dentist!

This is what she wrote:

“Okay taking this man public! In December 2014 I took my daughter to the dentist for a cleaning, was told everything looked great. Then I get a call saying I needed to bring her back ASAP due to a tooth in the front that was having problems coming out and the adult tooth was poking through. Well, I took her in on Monday, sit there for two hours. They tell me I cannot go back with her (I did not know the law here that he couldn’t refuse me that right) so I did not go back I sit in the waiting room three more hours waiting for her to have one tooth pulled. I went to the window three times to see what was going on and got no answers. Finally the lady came and got me and said there was an accident. I walked in the room and my daughter has bruises and scratches all over her. The nurse said we had her on a papoose board and stepped out of the room. When we came back she was face down on the floor. At this point I grabbed her and walked out to get in my car. My daughter takes the gauze out of her mouth and says ‘mommy they are lying to you the man threw me and choked me while the lady sat on me.’ At that moment I noticed she was missing 7 teeth, all she had left was her jaw teeth. I said Jesus please take this wheel or I will be going to jail today for life. I take her straight to the emergency room and the police met me there. My daughter had a fractured nose, a fractured eye and a bruised handprint around her neck. His name is Dr. Howard Snyder. Please share the word so no other kids go through this! Look him up, this isn’t the first time he has done this. He is awful!”



This dentist Dr. Howard Snyder is located in Jacksonville, Florida.  Please, especially if you are from this area, SHARE this information with your friends.

Even if you are not in the Jacksonville, Florida area and you have children, please be aware that they cannot stop you from going into the back with your child!

You have a right to be with your child when they go to the dentist. If they don’t allow you to stay with your child, find another dentist!



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