Dispatch Sends 911 Call To Voicemail, Man Gets Shot

911_Call_Graphic_KLEWImagine, a group of people break into your home and beat up you, your wife and your stepmother. They leave and you call 911 and the dispatcher accidentally sends you to their voice-mail system as the intruders are coming back. You have a gun, what do you do? Shoot of course. That’s what a Florida man did this past week when he was accidentally transfer to a voice-mail system instead of law enforcement.

The Port Richey resident had told Fox 13 that four people had broke into his home in the middle of the night last week. “I woke up to them beating me,” he told WTSP. The invaders stole money and prescription drugs after beating the whole household. After they left the homeowner called 911 for help. When his call went through to the fire department the dispatcher tried to connect him to law enforcement, but was mistakenly transferred to a recorded message that had nothing to offer but common sense, “If this is an emergency, hang up and call 911.” After dispatch finally reconnected to the caller it was too late. The homeowner had already fired and shot one of the intruders as you can hear him exclaiming in the video.

911-dispatcherThree of the four suspects, Joseph Rich, Michael Reverdes, and Steven Reverdes, were caught. The homeowner had shot Steven Reverdes in the back according to Deputies, but he isn’t expected to face any charges. The homeowner told WTSP, “I’m at a loss for words, had to protect my family.” I’m sure that most people would have done the same thing in his situation. Pasco County officials do claim that the transfer issue didn’t slow down their response time in the slightest. Would you have done the same thing? Share this and let us know. Check out the video below:


Eric Roberts