Homeless Man Hands Out Free Books His Reason Will Inspire You

downloadHomeless Man Hands Out Free Books His Reason Will Inspire You. Philani Dladla lives on the streets of South Africa, and is called the “Pavement Bookworm” by many that pass him every day. Dladla says, “You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Change The World”. And that’s exactly what he intends to do. Dladla has attracted attention near and far because of his unconventional methods of making money while homeless. Instead of panhandling, he reviews books and discusses authors with passersby to earn income.

Tebogo Malope, a South African filmmaker, discover the 24-year-old homeless man last year in Johannesburg when he posted a sidewalk interview with Dladla talking about books and the positive influence that books have on readers. Since then, he has gained international popularity and attracted far more pedestrian interested in some literary chats. Although Dladla earns money by selling the books to adults, he gives away books for free to kids. “They can still take this reading thing and turn it into their habit,” Dladla said in the video interview. “Their lifelong habit.”


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