This Is the Ideal Number of Sexual Partners You Should Have, According to Dating Site Research

For some reason it’s always an edgy moment in a new relationship when the number of people you’ve slept with pops up in a conversation. It really shouldn’t be though, surely it’s quality not quantity that matters. But a dating site claims to have worked out the “magic number” of sexual partners people should have before settling down.

What’s that magic number? 12. Or, as they put it, “More than a football team but less than a Baker’s dozen.” Research by the dating site Match found singles would actually be happy for a partner to have had up to a maximum of 23 previous sexual partners, and a minimum of at least 3. Apparently anything lower or higher than this is perceived as a turnoff. I assume because if you’ve slept with 24 people you’re obviously some sort of crazed nympho and if it’s 2, it’s safe to assume you’re essentially a sexless Puritan.


They also found that men are happy for new partners to be more experienced with an optimum number of 15, compared to 10 for women. Match dating expert Kate Taylor thankfully put it all into perspective:

“Sex is much more than a numbers game. A small number doesn’t equate to a lack of experience, couples who stay together for longer can often experiment more than those who simply have a lot of one night stands. But equally, a very high number of partners might suggest a lack of commitment, or someone who loves the thrill of the chase. Whatever you or your partner’s numbers might be, follow this one simple rule: get your sexual health checked regularly.”

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