KFC Fined $8M For Serving Tainted Chicken That Left Girl Brain Dead

downloadKFC Fined $8M For Serving Tainted Chicken That Left Girl Brain Dead. KFC was ordered to pay a Australian girl’s family over $8 million after she was served tainted chicken from one of their establishments which left her with salmonella poisoning. Monika Samaan, 7 years old, contracted salmonella from eating a KFC chicken wrap and was left in a coma for several months with brain damage. New South Wales Supreme Court Justice Stephan Rothman ruled that KFC was fully responsible for the salmonella food poisoning. He ordered KFC to pay the damages plus legal costs.


images3KFC is denying any responsibility for this tragedy and said it would appeal the court’s decision. Samaan’s lawyer, George Vlahakis, said the family was relieved that this battle was finally over and that they had won. However they are very upset about KFC’s plan to appeal the court’s decision. Despite this case, people continue to eat at KFC.

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