‘Little Old Lady’ Arrested For Making Fur Coats With Neighbors Cats

‘Little Old Lady’ Arrested For Making Fur Coats With Neighbors Cats.

The disappearance of several cats in a Waco, Texas neighborhood prompted concerned neighbors to hire a private detective to find out who was taking their beloved pets.

Suspicions started to arise when local residents began noticing an 85 year old neighbor’s fur coats, some saying her fur coats had a striking resemblance to their missing critters.

When neighbors approached the woman, she strongly denied the accusations, until being caught by a private detective who videotaped her kitty-nappings.

According to reports, the old lady started making fur coats out of her own cats she was breeding. However, after getting too “attached” to her little furry friends, she decided to start capturing the neighborhood cats.

The retired fashion designer lured neighborhood cats with food and skinned them in her basement where she dried the skins. She then use the meat of those cats to lure others.

PETA spokeswoman, Jane Churchill, called this a cruel and disgusting act of abuse. “I can’t believe these atrocities happened in our own backyard. Animals are our brothers and sisters and what she has done in my eyes is comparable to mass murder,” said Churchill. “She has taken the lives of hundreds of cats just to make fur coats out of them, this is tragic. How would people react if someone made coats out of human skin? These cats are living beings and all living beings are equal to mother earth. I hope she goes to jail for a very long time.”

fur-coat01-281x300 It is estimated that the woman used over 30 cats and make one single fur coat and over 20 fur coats were found in her house during the arrest.

Legal experts assess that the 85 year old woman could spend up to 18 months in jail for her crimes.



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