Man Calls 911 Thinking It’s An Escort Service

Man Calls 911 Thinking It’s An Escort Service. It’s hard to say how far men are willing to go to get a date. Especially if they are completely desperate and out of options of girls they can try to ask out.

This Florida man ran into just that problem. Stephen Ramsey, 45, may have been out of viable options for girls and was arrested on Tuesday after apparently calling 911 three different times asking the dispatcher if she would go n-STEPHEN-RAMSEY-largeon a date with him.

Clearly the dispatcher was not interested in his advances, but he was still able to keep her on the phone with him for over six minutes. Ramsey even asked the poor woman if she was “into handcuffs.”

After hanging up, a deputy was sent to the man’s home and when he was confronted about the incident, Ramsey said that he was “looking for a date or escort service to help him pass the time.”

The man was clearly drunk as the officer said that he was “slurring his speech heavily” and had a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.”

Ramsey has been charged with misuse of 911 and is on a $2,000 bond. Maybe next time he’ll try his luck at a local bar instead of a dispatch line. Check out the video with the dispatch recording below:




Eric Roberts