Man Sues Facebook For Allowing His Underage Daughter To Post Sexual Pictures Of Herself

Man Sues Facebook For Allowing His Underage Daughter To Post Sexual Pictures Of Herself.

A Northern Ireland man is suing Facebook for allegedly allowing his 11-year-old daughter to open multiple Facebook accounts and post suggestive photos of herself on these accounts.

She was said to have been approached by at least one predator who has now been legally restrained from contacting her. As you may know, Facebook’s terms of service state that users have to be 13 in order to join Facebook.

You would think that in a world that made sense, the lawsuit would be thrown out of court. Maybe the laws regarding this in the UK are different from those in the US, because Facebook actually settled for an undisclosed amount. So technically, this guy just received a massive amount of money for not doing the job of a parent.

Unfortunately, no social network or app is going to do any kind of real age verification because that would be bad for business. The goal for these companies is to have as many users as possible. If a company like Facebook were to even charge a dollar to verify age, a huge chunk of its user base would leave in droves.

The article mentions that maybe in Europe they could use passport numbers as age identifiers but then Facebook has our passport number. Facebook doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to privacy, so I’m sure many people would not want them to have that information.

So, instead, we have to do our jobs as parents and what our children do online with either the computer or smart phones. If I had to guess, there was not a lot of monitoring going on here until it was already too late. And now someone got paid off for their own negligence.

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