Man Takes Selfie Right Before A Deadly Shark Attack

Man Takes Selfie Right Before A Deadly Shark Attack. A newlywed couple from Oregon were on their honeymoon when a tragic event ended the marriage before it could even truly begin. A shark attack took the life of the groom, 34-year-old James Crowlett after his leg was bitten off by a shark on the coast of South Miami. The most shocking thing was though that Crowlett took a selfie seconds before the attack happened and was posted to Facebook.

shark-selfie-460x307After the attack Lifeguards were surprisingly able to bring him onto a boat and take him back to shore. They then tried transporting him to South Miami Hospital. In the ambulance he was losing copious amounts of blood and died in the arms of his new wife. This tragic story of a love cut short could have been avoided. Crowlett and his wife were just hours away from flying back to their Oregon home when he decided that he wanted to take one last swim in the ocean before they left.

The couple had celebrated their wedding at Disney World and according to Corwlett’s wife, “He always dreamed of coming back to Florida one day and visiting Walt Disney World once again, as he walt-disney had did when he was 4 years old. I’m glad he had a chance to live his dream before he left this world.” Crowell’s selfie was taken off of his Facebook wall by his family the next day and the majority of friends on his page thought it was a joke. A sad, sad end to what could have been a happily-ever-after story. CLICK HERE —> TO LIKE DAILY BUZZ LIVE ON FACEBOOK!

Eric Roberts