Mom Sees Angel In Her Son’s Ultrasound Just Before Emergency C-Section

Jennifer’s labor was induced two weeks past her due date. Her baby’s heart rate was quickly dropping, but she knew everything would be okay. The reason is quite stunning.

 Let’s rewind back to when 29-year-old Jennifer sent her mom is 16 week ultrasound scan. Her mom pointed out a strange “angelic” figure perched upon the baby shoulder.

This divine image assured Jennifer that her baby would be okay, despite the fact she had previously suffered two miscarriages.

The ultrasound discovery came months after Jennifer’s partner Anthony’s mother visited a fortune teller. The medium had two specific predictions: an Angel would look out for her son, and that a family member would be diagnosed with cancer.

 Fast-forward to Jennifer’s delivery. Despite the umbilical cord wrapping around her baby’s neck inside the womb, Joseph arrived by emergency C-section, weighing a healthy 6 pounds. Six months later, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer and had three tumors removed. She has since recovered, but the disease left her infertile. Jennifer says, “I’m not very religious but I do believe in the afterlife and spirits and things like that. All I know is that this was it the only chance I had of having the child I dreamed of in this angel has looked over him to make sure he’s well.”

 Joseph is now two years old. Jennifer could not be prouder of her happy, healthy boy. So take a look at the ultrasound photo, do you think this was the workings of a divine intervention? Share with your friends and ask them what they think!






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