MUST SEE: 26 Requests Kim Kardashian Made of Kanye

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26 Requests Kim Kardashian Made of Kanye 

In an interview on “The Breakfast Club”, Kanye West admitted Kim Kardashian forced him to take 30 showers to cleanse him of the stench of his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

But that was the tip of the iceberg.  Kanye further revealed Kim gave him many more requests:

Take 30 showers

Loofa his feet 16 times

Shampoo his head with mayonnaise 27 times 

Proactiv his face 5 times

Scrub his “parts” with a Shamwow 9 times

Use Nix Lice Treatment for Pubic Lice twice

Gargle with Listerine 42 times 

Receive 6 Milk and Molasses Enemas

Bleach his anus three times

Kanye went on to state Kim’s demands extended beyond his own hygiene. 

Wash his bed sheets in hot water 12 times

Shampoo his carpets 6 times

Lysol the shower and bathtub 7 times

Launder his clothes 11 times with Oxyclean

Bleach his underwear 13 times

Pinesol the kitchen tiles 6 times

Burn his pillows and buy replacements

Mow and edge the lawn (just for good measure)

Kim’s requests then turned from the simple to the strange…well, stranger.

Find and bathe a Proboscis Monkey

Anoint the feet of Hollywood panhandler

Roast and donate 46 s’mores to a local girl scout troop 

Attend a quilting bee

Sing “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly” to 3 preschools

Choreograph a Flash mob to Disco Duck

Read Fifty Shades of Grey at an Old Folks home

Teach dance to freshman at a community college

Sculpt a replica of the Venus de Milo out of mash potatoes

There was no word from Kanye about his demands for Kim regarding her “sexy fun time” with rapper Ray J.  Sources close to Kanye state West recently disposed of 37 Summer Eve boxes.  



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