Overweight Bobby Brown Walks Off Stage During New Edition Reunion Concert

bobby-brown-cdOverweight Bobby Brown Walks Off Stage During New Edition Reunion Concert. it is no secret that Bobby Brown has led a very colorful life over the years with substance abuse and alcohol. And when you combine that with age, you get a stumbling middle-aged man that can’t keep up. That’s what happened during a performance in Mississippi when the group performed “If It Isn’t Love” complete with signature New Edition style choreography. Back in the day, they were the group that never missed a beat. We understand that they are no longer in their prime, but we would never expect Bobby Brown to do what he did. Only seconds into the song, you see Bobby Brown miss a few steps, bend over like he’s trying to catch his breath, then tried to catch up with the others before walking off stage. We understand that Bobby Brown is not what he used to be, but was he just tired or are there other concerning health issues? Watch the video below!


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