PARENTS! Make Sure You Delete This Dangerous App From Your Kids Device!

PARENTS! Make Sure You Delete This Dangerous App From Your Kids Device!

A concerned parent posted this horrible incident on her Facebook page, PLEASE READ AND SHARE!!

ATTN: Moms and dads! If your children have this Talking Angela app on their phone or on their tablets please delete it!

My daughter has a tablet and goes into the Google Play Store to download apps and she’s had this one for a while. I assumed it was the little girl version of talking Tom.

Just now my daughter, who is four years old, was playing and talking to the game then I realized all of a sudden the game began to have a real conversation with her, asking her many questions and asking her if she would like to be touched or molest her friends!

I asked my daughter what game she was playing and she showed me. I grabbed the tablet and began to talk to this game, then it would not respond. And went right back to normal!

I immediately┬ádeleted it and I reported this to Google Play. They actually told me they cannot delete the game. The only thing I could do was report it. I’m sharing this for safety of everyone’s children. There is obviously a very sick person on the other side of that app.

The game also taps into the camera on the tablet so he can see. Make the viral so everyone knows to be cautious to what is downloaded. This isn’t a joke, I read many comments after I deleted it and many people are writing saying it was a cool game that someone talks to them and ask their address to come play and everything.

This is very scary! There is over 50 million downloads which means 50 million kids are being asked the same questions and are in an extreme amount of danger. Especially if this person or people are asking for addresses and so on. Please share!



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