People Give This Woman The Clothes Of Their Loved Ones So She Could Turn Them Into Memory Bears

Some might disagree but in a very optimistic way, every moment is precious. Every downfall is a lesson and any uprise is a blessing. Well, yes yes, you can always argue that there are some exceptions but to sum it all up, life is really precious, therefore everything that comes within it should be cherished. Despite that being said, sometimes it’s pretty hard to savor the moment when it’s all just in your head. But surely enough, every problem must have a solution and this lady, Mary Macinnes, started to make adorable Teddy bears from old clothes of people’s loved ones to help people preserve their precious memories. Some people wish to preserve a memory of their children while some find remorse in the bear made from clothes that belonged to someone who passed away. For others, it’s a cute little substitute of a loved one that went away for a while. She usually spends 5-6 hours planning, cutting, creating & sewing each bear and it’s all well worth it! Take a look at these cuties!

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