PETA Claims Google Map Car Killed A Dog, Asks Google To Donate Money

google-stray-dogPETA Claims Google Map Car Killed A Dog, Asks Google To Donate Money. Google may be in some hot water with the animal rights group, PETA. They are calling on Google to donate cash to a spaying and neutering group in Chile because they believe that one of their Google Maps Cars, or Street View Car, hit and killed a dog running across the street.

PETA had posted a few pictures on a blog that show the dog running, then lying on the street in Chile, seemingly dead. Google is investigating this claim, but all PETA wants Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 12.23.52 PMGoogle to do is match their, already donated, $1,000 to that spaying and neutering group. $1000 doesn’t sound like that much to where the company needs to investigate it, but I guess money is money.

google maps carIt’s pretty clear in the images taken by the car as it is driving away that the dog is not moving and I highly doubt that the dog would decided all of a sudden to start taking a nap in the middle of the street. Apparently this isn’t the first time a Google car has come under scrutiny over hitting an animal. They were also accused of hitting a donkey in Botswana, but the images were found to be misleading. Plus how can you miss hitting a donkey? Anyways, just donate the money Google! It won’t kill you I promise.

Eric Roberts