RAW VIDEO – Half-Clothed Woman Rushes To Roof To Escape Intruder

RAW VIDEO – Half-Clothed Woman Rushes To Roof To Escape Intruder.

A woman climbed to the roof of her home on Wednesday to escape from an intruder who broke into her Venice home while she was sleeping.

Los Angeles police responded and arrived within two minutes of the woman’s frantic call for help. She managed to exit through her window with her cell phone, with no time to get dressed.

The man also made his way onto the roof, as she hides curled up in a ball behind a window unit that extended from the rooftop. According to witnesses, some onlookers and police were unsure whether or not she was the burglar, as the woman refused to come down from the roof despite the police demands.

“She’s up on the roof. I don’t know what to think,” a witness told NBC4.

An onlooker who was snapping photos as the scene unfolded told NBC4 that as she was photographing the woman who was on the phone on the roof, a “scary” figure popped up on the other side of the roof.

Upon seeing the man, police and onlookers realized the woman on the roof is the victim who is hiding. “I look and I see my neighbor, my friend up on the roof cowering,” neighbor Josh Romano said.

A police officer used a fire ladder to rescue the woman.

The suspect was detained and led away in handcuffs. According to Romano, he had seen the same man in handcuffs an hour prior to this incident.


You can check out the entire video below recorded by Tony Vera:

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