Robotic Sex Partners Will Be Common Place In The Near Future

Robotic Sex Partners Will Be Common Place In The Near Future.

In the wake of engineers announcing that they have built an army of 1000 small robots that can come into formation on command, a report is now saying that by 2025 “Robotic sex partners will become commonplace.”

Yes, you heard that right. Sex Robots.

Not only that, but these robots will be stealing work from both blue and white collar professionals. 50% of experts who were polled said it was inevitable that these man-made machines would one day take over the world. In the future, it looks like they’ll be taking more jobs from humans than they create.

The report called “AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs,” pretty much explained what some experts thought would happen if AI and robot advancements continued on the creepily steady path that they seem to be on.

This includes the reality that, someday soon, they will get bored of their repetitive tasks and finally decide to take over “wide segments of daily life.”

GigaOM Researcher Stowe Boyd agrees that people won’t like it very much, but contends that artificial sex workers will be dealt with much like how “critics today bemoan selfies as an indicator of all that’s wrong with the world.”

From the production line to your bedroom. These sexbots will look, feel and moves similar to an actual human being, and will probably be decent enough to satisfy the sexual desires of most people.

Who knows what would happen if lovotics, the study of human-bot relationships, progresses so much that people actually fall in love with their sexbot? there is most likely going to be some extensive ramifications.


When futurologist Ian Yeoman spoke at Australia’s Tourism Futures conference, he forecasted that there would soon be resorts with robot staff, including robot prostitutes. Here is what Yeoman had to say: “Robotics will become important, because you’re going to have labor shortages in the future. Even robot prostitutes that don’t have to worry about passing disease tests such as HIV could make an appearance. We’d like to think that things would never get as bad as they did. Having a real-life sci-fi thriller on my hands is not something I’d like to experience in my lifetime, or be forced to have sex with a robot.”



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