Street Cameras Now Scan License Plates For Warrants And Delinquent Child Support

Street Cameras Now Scan License Plates For Warrants And Delinquent Child Support.

You can’t hide from cops with license plate scanners. Police across the United States are using automatic cameras to read and snap digital photos of millions of license plate to help solve crimes, serve warrants and collect delinquent child support.

License plate scanners are  “in effect, government location tracking systems recording the movements of millions of innocent Americans in huge databases,” said ACLU staff attorney Catherine Crump. “This is a way to track all Americans all the time, regardless of whether they are accused of any wrongdoing,” said Crump. “The most widespread location tracking technology you’ve probably ever heard of.”

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The ACLU reports that the cameras are located in 38 states and the District of Columbia. The plate scanners generally are mounted on the rear fender trunk or roof of police cars and parking enforcement vehicles.

Some also are mounted on road signs, toll gates and bridges. The plate data includes a specific location and can be, via a separate police inquiry, correlated to personal data in the state motor vehicles registration records. Police say the devices are effective at finding stolen vehicles and cutting auto theft rates.

However, if you have a warrant or a owe back pay child support this is definitely a cause of concern for you. You will be pulled over and immediately detained, booked and jailed. In most states, delinquent child support warrants are “No bail warrants”, and you may be held indefinitely until funds are provided to the custodial parent.


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