Students Prank Teacher, May be the Best Ever

Students Prank Teacher, May be the Best Ever. So this past April Fools’ Day a group of college students decided to prank their professor. Dr. Stephen Barrows is an associate professor of economics and the prank was inspired by his ‘harsh’ cell phone policy. His policy is that if your phone rings in class you must answer it on speakerphone. Well this prank probably made him rethink that policy.


Taylor Nefcy was the perpetrator of the prank and had her phone ring in class. She then answers it on speaker and on the other line is someone pretending to be from the Pregnancy Resource Center, informing her that she is pregnant.


Thinking that no woman should have to revel that information to a group of people if she didn’t want to, Dr. Barrows apologized to her and the student said it was fine. She went on to tell him she already picked out a name, April… April Fools! Barrows thought it was hilarious and, “well, well done.”

The video is very loud so be careful if wearing headphones!