Texas Mom Turns 7 Year Old Daughter Into A Drug Dealer

Texas Mom Turns 7 Year Old Daughter Into A Drug Dealer.

There’s nothing more profound then building up a business and then handing it down to your children. Except if you’re in the drug business.

Well, that is what this Texas mother provided for her 7 year-old daughter. Unfortunately, this family business was selling cocaine.

The mother-daughter team for first caught on tape during a drug sting when an undercover investigation captured Sylvia Tijerina, also known as “La Pantera”, on the streets, selling cocaine.

Next to her, counting the money, was her daughter.

“It angered me when I saw the video,” Waller County Dist. Atty. Elton Mathis told KBTX. “For a mother to use her child in the drug culture this way, it is totally unacceptable.”

According to police, the little girl handled money like a pro. She was really good at her job, she even knew how to check for counterfeit bills. “This is a child who has been schooled in how to properly do a drug deal with her mom,” Mathis added.

The police were shocked that a mother would put her young daughter at such risk. “It’s unimaginable that a mother would place a child in this situation,” Capt. Brian Cantrell with the Waller County Sheriff’s office told KHOU. “It’s almost like the mother is training the small child how to be a drug dealer.”

It was so disturbing, police moved quickly, even risking to break their cover to make this arrest.

Tijerina was arrested and charged with two counts of drug possession and one count of endangering a child. The little girl has been placed with relatives, were hopefully she can put all of this behind her.

Mathis says he expects this drug dealing mother to be locked up for a very long time. “We will be anticipating seeking a very long prison term for Miss Tijerina”.



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