This Media We Call Social Is Anything But

gary-turk-look-up-spoken-word-poem-film-online-generation-me-like-facebook-social-connect-media-lesson-awesome-videoThis Media We Call Social Is Anything But.

We live in a society where people will brag they have 4000 friends, spend all day talking about their day in posts, telling their “friends” how much they “like” what they said and posting photos of what they ate for dinner.

But yet they communicate all of this without ever opening their mouth, or being in the presence of a single person. For some it’s done behind closed doors, in a state of complete loneliness.

You text “I love you” to a loved one without them ever hearing your voice, you fall in love with people you have never seen. It’s a soulless connection.

No way to hear the truth, pain, empathy or frustration in someone’s voice, the true connection has been lost. All of this technology we have is just an illusion, when you step away from this fantasy world you have created, for some they are just alone.

Look Up is a film about social media and how it has stripped our lives of the true emotion and reality that we face every day.

Written and performed by Gary Turk, is a lesson taught to us about the amount of time we spend trying to connect with people who aren’t really there. The true result of us spending the majority of our time on social media, is that we are spending our time alone.