Two Girls Crash While Taking Selfie–Video

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.27.51 PMTwo Girls Crash While Taking Selfie–Video. Now texting and driving is defiantly dangerous but in the age of selfies and snapchat, taking photos or video while driving may be as equally damaging. These two women from Iran became the latest victims of driving while lacking common sense. The two were recording themselves singing to the camera phone and the driver even takes her hands off of the steering wheel to make a heart shape with her hands. Guess how the video ends.

Yeah it pretty much could have only ended one way considering the lack of attention being paid to the road. I mean she was staring straight into the camera the entire time. At that point it’s hard to argue that the driver is even driving the car at all. Jesus take the wheel anyone? Anyways this maybe their vanity getting the best of them, but luckily selfies have not claimed a life just yet. The two walked away from the crash with minor injuries. I wonder if the two learned a lesson from any of this at all? Probably not. I say this because not only did the girl that took the video not delete the incriminating evidence of the car crash they caused due to not paying attention, but they also uploaded a post-crash selfie from the hospital that they were admitted to. Some people don’t learn lessons well I guess.


Eric Roberts