Strangers Join Street Performer and Make Amazing Music

Strangers Join Street Performer to Make Some Amazing Music. Street performers are a pretty common thing in our society. People trying to showcase their talents and get paid a little bit to do so. This video showcases a very soulful street performer that is playing outside of a grocery store. The music and singing done by the performer is awesome, but then a random stranger joins in and it gets even better. The stranger has a great voice and joins in at about a minute into the video. Just when you think that this couldn’t get any better a third person joins in on the jam session. He also has a very good voice and then throws down a few bars, rapping over the guitar playing.



Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.48.59 PMAll three of them played very well off of one another. This video is going very viral and I wonder if the three of them would ever consider starting something together. That mashup could be phenomenal. In the end though you have to appreciate the spontaneity of life and how the people you run into on a daily basis can really surprise you. I’m just glad someone was there to film this amazing session. I found it funny how some people just walked right by and didn’t even noticed what was going on right in front of them. Check out the video below:



Eric Roberts