Watch: Don’t Reach For That $100 Bill On Your Windshield

Watch: Don’t Reach For That $100 Bill On Your Windshield.

Authorities are warning the public about a potential holiday scam that involves the temptation of a $100 bill left on a car windshield.

The simple scheme works like this: drivers walk to their parked cars and, after they get in the vehicle,the notice a $100 bill on the windshield. The driver exits the car with the door open to retrieve it, only to have a thief steel the vehicle.

Karen Straughn, Assistant Attorney General – Consumer Protection, wants the public to be aware of it, as reported by ABC affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington. Straughn reports that a resident, who was a victim, informed her of this incident at a public information safety session.

“Because it’s something of a frightening nature, if this happens to someone, we hope they will take the proper precautions,” Straughn told ABC News.

“With the fact that the holidays are coming up and more shopping, we believe this is something that could occur in this period of time,” she said.

Authorities warn, no matter how tempting it is, if you see money on your windshield – drive away. Do not get out and reach for it.


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