What Does Your Finger Length Says About Your Personality?

What Does Your Finger Length Says About Your Personality? 

Have you ever wondered why one finger is longer than the other, and why it is not the same in all people?

Maybe your ring finger is longer than your index finger – but your partner’s finger length is the complete opposite of yours.

Studies show that you can reveal more about a person depending on the length of their fingers.

Some of the latest studies show that finger length can tell us many things about our personality.

The length of the fingers can tell whether you are straight or homosexual, or have an aggressive or passive personality.

They can also tell us about our capabilities and our gifts for music, writing, etc.

People who’s ring fingers are longer than their index fingers are very beautiful in appearance and very charming –  but they are also more aggressive and decisive. Most of these people are analytic types and they know how to make more money.

People who’s ring fingers are shorter than their index fingers are more arrogant and they have more self-confidence. They enjoy their free time and do not like any disruption during that period. They are always searching for attention from others.

People whose ring finger and index fingers are the same length usually are people that love peace. They do not like any type of conflict. They care about their partners but they also care about other people. In fact, they try to get along with everybody. They are also well organized individuals.

There are also other studies that link the length of these two fingers with autism and they say your finger length may also predict cancer.

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