Woman Served Poop In Ice Cream After Complaining To Manager

Woman Served Poop In Ice Cream After Complaining To Manager.

A single mother and her 4 children were trying to enjoy a night out for some ice cream at a local ice cream stand in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With summer approaching, the lines were long and the children impatient.

The mother, Patricia Hill, was being very vocal with her children and shouting to the workers inside to “speed it up”. According to Hill, she feels it was her bad attitude that landed her with a pile of poo hidden in her ice cream cone.

“We were waiting in line for about 20 minutes. It was the middle of the day, and very hot. The children were on my nerves and my patience was thin,” Hill explains. “When I finally got to the window I complained to the manager and asked him why he didn’t have more workers with such a large crowd. I’m sure I did not approach him with the best attitude, but I was angry.”


According to reports, it took an additional 10 minutes for them to complete her order of three ice cream Sundaes and one double scoop chocolate ice cream cone. When her order was complete, they sat on the park bench alongside of the ice cream stand and began to enjoy their dessert.

“I finished the top part of the chocolate, half of the second scoop, and when I got to the “ice cream” stuffed in the cone, I knew something wasn’t right”. Hill explained that she became violently ill after taking one bite of what she said was human feces. “I burst out into tears”, Hill explained. “I just started screaming ‘Did you do this to me? Is this what I think it is?'”

I guess they can call it “32 Flavors” now…

It took several minutes for her to calm down, and at that point she called the police. According to police reports, the owner was called in and samples of the feces were sent to the local health department.

The manager, who was identified as Raymond Burr, was ordered to give a DNA sample to be tested against the human feces found in Hill’s ice cream cone.

super_poop_and_its_partner_icecream_by_xxsuperpopxx-d5oyrioAfter one week, the test results came back positive. Hill is now suing the ice cream stand for $1 million in damages. Burr, who has no criminal history, is facing charges for the incident.



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