You Won’t Believe What This Disgruntled Employee Did To This Customer’s Whopper

The Third Bite

The Third Bite

You Won’t Believe What This Disgruntled Employee Did To This Customer’s Whopper. This brings a whole new meaning to “I said Hold The Mayo!” A Miami, Florida man is reporting that he found a freshly used condom when eating lunch at a local Burger King. Ronald Myers, 31, said he was on his lunch break when he ordered a whopper combo meal and got an unsuspected surprise. “I always order my whopper, no mayonnaise, extra ketchup. When I sat down to eat, the first couple bites were just as delicious as ever. When I went to take my third bite, I looked down and saw some plastic with a white substance oozing out.”



Myers said he was distraught and sick to his stomach. He did not want to believe what he was seeing. He immediately called over the manager and explained to him what he found. The shift manager was in shock himself. According to the manager, he had just got into an argument with one of his employees earlier in the day and just minutes before Myers called him over the employee said, “F **k you, I quit”, and walked out. They both looked at each other, and immediately realized what had happened. “The condom literally looked like it was fresh. You know what it looks like, right when you take it off. I’m just glad I did not take that third bite.”

According to Myers, the manager apologized over and over again. Offering him free meals, and refunding his current meal. It has not been reported if Myers will be seeking legal action against this Florida Burger King. This is not the first time Burger King has been under fire for a condom in one of their sandwiches. In 2010, a Seattle man sued Burger King and was awarded an undisclosed amount. Myers says he has refused the managers offer for the free meals saying, “Why would I want to eat there again”.

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