10 Completely Useless Apps You Should Know About

10 Completely Useless Apps

1. YO

Yo is a messaging app but it’s only function is to send the word “Yo.” That’s it. You can’t use any other words or photos and there are no other features. All it does is send “Yo.” Genius.

2. Washboard

Washboard is a laundry app that probably started out with good intentions. The concept is that you send them 26 dollars and they, in return, send back 20 dollars in quarters that you can use to do your laundry. So you’re spending six dollars to get quarters so that you can go pay more money to do your laundry. Makes sense.

3. Wakie

This idea is just plain weird. Wakie is a community of complete strangers who will call your phone anytime you need a wake up call. Why use an alarm clock when you can be awoken by a complete and total stranger? There’s no better sound in the morning than birds chirping outside your window and a stranger’s voice right in your ear. 

4. Smartwig 

I’m not really sure where the logic behind this one is, but it’s interesting. The Smartwig is a wig with a hidden circuit board that vibrates when you get a notification on your phone. So rather than feeling the vibration in your pocket or on the table, you get to feel it in your skull and isn’t that what we all want?

5. Singld Out

Singld Out takes a whole new perspective on dating. Why waste your time talking and getting to know people when you can just use your DNA to find your significant other? This is a dating app that sends you a kit to get a sample of your saliva then you send it back and they use it to compare to other people’s DNA (specifically your serotonin transporter gene and your human leukocyte antigens, whatever those are) to find your soulmate. Sure, dating can be hard, but is your serotonin transporter really going to help you find love?

6. Blippy 

Blippy was an app that would link your credit card to twitter so every purchase you made was posted on Twitter. It’s perfect if you want all your followers to know whether you prefer boxers or briefs and see the toothpaste brand you like. The app quickly died (thankfully) and the name is now being used for an app that makes GIFs.

7. Agester

Agester kind of reminds of Tinder except with no point. Basically you just build a profile and people go through looking at profiles guessing how old everyone is. It’s meant to be a sort of social network, although I’m not quite sure I get the point. I guess if you’re trying to figure out if you look old enough to get into clubs or young enough to pass for 25 then it’s perfect.

8. Door Stop

This app may be the single most pointless app ever. It’s a door stop on your phone screen that you can flick and it makes the “boing” sound of an actual door stop. The description for the game says, “The time has come. It is finally here.” What’s here? A door stop? We already have real ones and they’re for stopping doors. I guess it’s supposed to be fun like a game but who really knows?

9. Fan Cooler

The Fan Cooler app is not an actual fan. It doesn’t cool you down or blow air on you. It just pretends. It makes the sound of a fan blowing. That’s all it does. So I guess if you really like the sound of fans, but hate wind then you might love this. But otherwise, you’d probably be better of buying an actual fan.

10. 20 Useless Apps

This app is the king of all ridiculous apps. It’s not only useless in itself, but it also contains 20 more completely useless apps. If you download this app, you get to use 20 apps you would have never used otherwise like a death simulator or a scanner that will supposedly count all the germs on your fingers. Now you not only have one dumb app, you have a plethora to spend your time on.

Guest post by tech company, Raster (weareraster.com/services/iphone-app-developers/)

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