‘FireGate’ This New iPhone 6 Problem Has Users “Exploding” With Anger

‘FireGate’ This New iPhone 6 Problem Has Users “Exploding” With Anger

[VIDEO] – ALERT To iPhone Users: New iPhone 6 Batteries Exploding.

If you own the new iPhone 6, you must read this report.

Since the September 18 release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there have been several reports of users receiving second and third-degree burns from the batteries spontaneously exploding.

There have been 208 reported cases alone since Monday. One recent case was caught on cell phone video as Amar Patel, 19, was at a backyard party and suddenly caught fire. Eyewitnesses say that they knew Patel was in trouble when smoke began billowing from around the young man. That’s when his friend, 18 year old Kamal Kapur, grabbed his cell phone and began recording.

Patel was rushed to the Miot Hospital and treated for third-degree burns on his thigh and buttocks. He said he was in shock as it all happened so fast.

“The iPhone was in my back pocket when I began to hear a loud popping noise when I sat down on it,” said Patel. “I looked down and my pants were on fire. I began to run, I didn’t know what to do! It was very painful.”

The phone was turned over to officials who reported that sitting on the cell phone had caused the phone to “short out.”
firegate iphone 6 burns user

iPhones have been known to explode and catch on fire several times on past generation models due to 3rd party accessories. However, officials have confirmed this IS NOT the case for this incident or any other recent explosions.

The current reported explosions all carried authorized Apple accessories.

This is just one of many “short outs” with the iPhone that is now being labeled ‘FireGate’.





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