Charlie Sheen, High On Crack, Pulls Knife On Dentist

Charlie Sheen, High On Crack, Pulls Knife On Dentist.

Charlie Sheen is currently under investigation for flipping out on his dentist.

Law enforcement officers say Charlie was at a Los Angeles dental office on Thursday for an abscess tooth. When the dental assistant tried to place a mask over his face to administer nitrous oxide, that’s when Charlie allegedly flipped out.

The dental assistant alleges that Charlie jumped out of his chair, started flailing his arms in the air and hit her.

At that point, she ran out of the room and Charlie’s security guard came in. Charlie’s personal dentist was there, along with the oral surgeon.

The dental assistant said that when Charlie’s dentist finally came out of the room, he told her that Charlie pulled a knife out and try to attack him with it. Fortunately, the dentist came out uninjured.

It was also reported that Charlie was high on rock cocaine, which he did prior to his dental appointment.

Los Angeles police say that Charlie may be facing felony assault charges against the dental assistant and assault with a deadly weapon for the alleged knife attack on the dentist.

They are waiting to interview Charlie and the dentist before they decide to send the case over to LA County District Attorney for prosecution.

Charlie Sheen’s lawyer, Marty Singer, made a statement calling these allegations “completely fabricated”. He also stated, “No bodyguard made the absurd statement to the dentist. Charlie had a bad reaction to the nitrous gas put in his nose and mouth.”

You really didn’t think Charlie Sheen cleaned up did you?


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