This Is Why You Should NEVER Use Coupons At Domino’s Pizza!

This Is Why You Should NEVER Use Coupons At Domino’s Pizza!

Domino’s Employees Admit Company Policy Requires Them To Use Expired Toppings On Pizzas Purchased With Coupons.

“Don’t use a coupon.”

“No coupons!”

“Never enter a coupon code.  It’s just a bad idea.”

Those are just some of the things employees and former employees of the newly minted Domino’s have said.  But why?

“A Pizza costs so much to make, so when you use a coupon you cut out most – if not all – of the profit,” said Yancy F. former delivery boy for Domino’s.  “In order to make any money from a coupon sale, you have make the toppings cheaper.  So, they make us use expired toppings.”

“I saw guys cutting mold of pepperonis, washing scum water off olives…they’d just shove the pizza in the oven and hoped the germs got cooked off.”

mold-04When asked if the practice of using expire toppings was local, many stated the policy was widespread.  “I lived on both coasts,” said one current employee, “and it happened at both places.”

“It’s an unwritten policy.  You won’t find it in any training manual.”  Yancy stated.  “I mean they can’t get rid of coupons.  Coupons are a way of life nowadays.  Instead, they just turn the ovens way up.”

mold-in-tomato“The Feast pizzas are the worst.  I wouldn’t feed some of those veggies to a pig.  But, the boss yells ‘coupon’ and I start pilling them on.”

“I remember a day when a whole bag of cheddar cheese fell onto the floor, and the manager swept it back into the bag and called it ‘Promotion Cheese’.”

Domino’s (formerly Domino’s Pizza) was born in 1965.  It made money by selling cheap pizza, but focused on convenience through its door-to-door delivering.  Recently, Domino’s went through a major transition including rebranding its name, increasing its menu, and updating it pizza.



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