Father beats teen daughter’s boyfriend after catching them in shower


Father beats teen daughter’s boyfriend after catching them in shower. Athen’s – Clarke County Police arrested a 49 year old man Tuesday on charges of battery and cruelty to children after they said he caught his daughters boyfriend in the shower with her.

Police responded to a call from Clinton Antonio Ward, who said he caught teens inside his apartment. When officers arrived, they spoke with Ward outside the apartment, then enter to talk to the teens. Wards 16 year old step daughter was showering with her 16 year old boyfriend when Ward came home. Officers said that Ward came home and sat on the couch. He said he heard his daughter talking in the bathroom, and initially thought she was on the phone. But once he heard a male voice, he said he listened closer to make sure she wasn’t just speaking to someone on speakerphone. He then sat back on the couch and waited for them to come out of the bathroom.

1395952177000-clinton-antonio-ward-mug327According to the police report, when she came out of the shower, she saw Ward sitting on the couch in the living room. She said she knew she was in trouble. She was wearing a towel, while her boyfriend came out in the nude. Officers said Ward began cursing and yelling at the two of them. As the two retreated to the bedroom, Ward pushed his stepdaughter out of the way and went after the boy. As a boy tried to pick up his clothes and belongings, the police reports Ward pushed the boy up against the wall and punched him in the chest and face. The girl said she also had a red eye from being hit in the face.

Ward left the room and called police. The boys mother asked officers to press charges against Ward for his attack on her son. Police arrested and charged him with battery and cruelty to children, both for hitting the boy as well as for allowing his stepdaughter to witness him punching the boy. What would you have done If that was your daughter?