Food Stamp Cards Reset To Zero – Several Riots Reported At Walmart’s In U.S.

Food Stamp Cards Reset To Zero – Several Riots Reported At Walmart’s In U.S.

Several Walmart stores across the U.S. have been looted due to a reset in over 350,000 food stamp cards nationwide.

Georgia residents were hit the hardest as recipients demand answers. “This food stamp card ain’t got nothing but $.17 on it,” said Terri Clark who stood in line for more than 6 hours at the Human Services office because food stamp help for her six children unexpectedly ended. “There is no telling my kids that we can’t eat. I’m not takin’ no for an answer because my babies don’t deserve that. Nobody’s kid should go hungry down here in Georgia.”

The local food stamp office in Clayton County says they were overwhelmed with hundreds of families experiencing a similar problem. Their food stamps just weren’t there.

“Me and my kids haven’t ate since this morning. So, I supposed to get my food stamps yesterday and I didn’t get nothing,” said one angry welfare recipient. “So they was getting angry and started banging on the windows,” explained another.

A state spokes person said what happened is out of the ordinary, and they cannot explain the glitch that caused this chaos. They can assure the American people that they are giving this situation top priority.

WalmartAuthorities are asking the welfare recipients that were affected by this glitch to please remain calm. Military units, ATF and local police have been dispatched for extra security at local Walmart stores that are at high risk for looters.

Currently, several Walmart stores across the country have been looted and robbed by people whose food stamps cards have been reset to just pennies. Several angry looters have made it very clear they will do whatever they need to do to feed their families.


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