Gang Members Painting Gun Barrels Orange So Cops Won’t Shoot

Gang Members Painting Gun Barrels Orange So Cops Won’t Shoot.

Street crime Gang Units from around the United States are making a startling discovery.

According to the website Call The Cops, gang members are painting the ends of gun barrels orange. The theory is that cops will be slower to shoot because that orange tip is a signal of it being a toy gun.

Officers working out of Los Angeles first alerted the media last week. But since then, reports have also come in from Chicago, New York and Dallas.

Many realistic looking toy guns, such as Airsoft guns, use orange tipped barrels to signal that the weapon is a fake. Over the last few years we have seen several shootings of people that were carrying toy guns.

Z-Bazz, leader of the Lucas Street Lords, told ‘Call The Cops’ last week, “Yo’ Dawg,The pigs be shooting people for no reason. Kids gots toy guns just playing in some empty lot. Next thing ya know the popo blast them. Man we about to level dis playing field here.”  Z-Bazz continued on to say, “My boy Al Sharpton, he be coming down hard on the cops, tell them to identify if a gun is real or not before they be blastin away n’ all.  So with the pigs on a leash, my boys get to live to see another day. 5-0 be seeing them orange tips, they be all like, think’n toy gun. We going to save some homies lives in the hood doing this.”

Either way, authorities are urging people to not confront anybody with a gun.

Whether it has an orange tip or not. Safety should be your first priority.

They are also asking all parents to please, “Do not let your children play outside with their toy guns.”



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