Girl Dies Saving Two Children From Runaway SUV

Her parents are now calling the little girl a hero. There are flowers, balloons, a candle and a teddy bear near the spot where Kiera Larson was killed.

She saved the lives of too little friends before she was run over by an SUV.

 “She saved both my daughters lives, my two kids, all I have, and both could have been gone in an instant!” Alyssa Jenkins, the mother of the two saved children, said. “She stepped in and took over and did what she knows and that’s to protect those around her.”

Cradled in their parents arms, Addison and Emmah Jenkins have scratches from being pushed out of harms way.

The save the children’s father, Jonathan Gusich, said, “She was a big sister to them; she was always looking out for them and apparently she would give her life for my kids.”

The Mercedes SUV was parked on a slope. Investigators don’t know how it got into neutral and began to roll. The kids were in the yard playing when the car started rolling. Keira pushed the two little ones out of the way. The car grabbed her and pushed through the fence.

The saved children’s mother, Alyssa Jenkins, said, “She is truly a hero and will forever be my kid’s guardian angel.”

A gofundme account is now online to help the Larson family with funeral expenses.

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