Hackers Are Posting Invisible P0RN To Your Facebook Timeline

Hackers Are Posting Invisible P0RN To Your Facebook Timeline.

Tens of thousands of people have been complaining over the last week that invisible ‘adult themed’ photos and videos have been posted to their wall. A number of web security experts have confirmed that this is the work of experienced hackers. They expect hundreds of thousands of users to be effected.

These risqué images are on your wall, but you do not see them, only your friends do. It looks as if you are the one posting this to your timeline.

They are also sending inbox messages via the new Facebook Messenger App to your friends asking you to click on a link. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

Your friends should be made aware that if they receive a strange message in their inbox with your name on it, it is not from you.

Hackers are also busy on Facebook posting insulting messages on the walls of your friends. Making them think you are making a personal attack against them. Let your friends know, if this happens, it is not you!

This is a hack that has spread across Facebook like a virus over the past week. Facebook has responded that they are “doing their best to correct this issue in a timely manner.”

Facebook strongly urges users to change their password on a regular basis. However, since this new hack, their suggestion is to change your password immediately, and then once a week over the next month to ensure you do not fall victim to this cyber attack.

Let your friends know.



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