What Happens When A Teen At A Rave Decides To Lick A Frog To Get High

What Happens When A Teen At A Rave Decides To Lick A Frog To Get High.

I wonder who was the first one to say, “Hey lick this frog and see what happens”, only a visionary would proceed. Say no to frogs!

It has been long told that one species of toad, Bufo alvarius, can cause great hallucinations to the person who was willing to lick their bumpy glands that produce a powerful cocktail containing bufotenine aka 5-meO-DMT. Well, that’s what one Colorado teen, Sammy Blythe 17, thought he would do when he realized he misplaced his ecstasy pills at a rave party he was at. Already slightly intoxicated, Blythe walked down to the river with a friend to see what he could find. I mean, sounds like a great alternative right???

Blythe reported to the emergency room doctors that he was walking along the river and found a group of toads. After trapping the biggest one he could find, he proceeded to lick and suck its bumpy glands around its neck and limbs. He said the toads secreted this cocktail very easily, he did not have to suck that hard.

His friend snapped a photo, then he threw the toad down and ran back to the party bragging that he had licked his psychedelic toad. He waited, and waited, but nothing happened. He said his friends were laughing at him and calling him an idiot for doing what he did. Blythe reported that he never got high that night, only drunk, and went home to sleep it off.

Blyth told doctors that the next day he woke up to a rough, swollen tongue. He looked in the mirror, saw what had happened to his tongue, and started to vomit profusely. His mother rushed him to the St. Francis Medical Center emergency room, where he confessed to his mother and the doctors what he had done the night before.

frog-lick“It was difficult to keep a straight face, as this young man proceeded to tell me his story,” said Dr. Gary Rubin. “He definitely chose the wrong toad.”

According to Dr. Ruben, he has seen several cases of teens coming in with horrible side effects from licking average River toads. The end result is a black hair like tongue that takes about three weeks to heal. He discharged Blythe with antibiotics and an order to “Say no to drugs”.



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